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10bet Review South Africa

The global betting industry continues to grow consistently. 10bet’s initiation of operations in South Africa aims to provide bettors with a reliable gambling platform.

The bookmaker has developed suitable products for the South African market, offering quality odds for football and horse racing, which are the country’s most popular sports.

New members signing up for the site are lucky as they can benefit from a welcome bonus to increase their betting potential. The site also caters to its existing players by offering a variety of promotional deals.

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  • It has an Android app
  • The site has a great design
  • 10Bet has a simple signup process
  • It covers a variety of sports

Is 10bet Legit in South Africa?

10bet is a reputable operator, regulated and licensed by the National Gambling Board of South Africa.

10bet Sports Betting Review

10bet primarily offers sports betting. The abundant betting activities in South Africa have been shaped by the country’s profound sporting culture.

Keep in mind, this is the only African country that has hosted the FIFA World Cup tournament. Moreover, our analysis of 10bet revealed an impressive array of sports coverage by the bookmaker, which left a significant impression on us.

Sports Available

The 10bet website provides an extensive range of sports disciplines to punters from South Africa. Upon accessing the main menu, sports are the first feature that is displayed. Some of the prominent game features are:

10bet logo
  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Ice hockey
  • Handball
  • Golf
  • Rugby

In terms of daily events, football is the most popular. The ‘Top Action’ section of the bookmaker’s list features the most popular events.

The featured leagues here include the English Premier League, the Bundesliga from Germany, France’s League 1, and the England Championship.

Our examination of 10bet reveals that in South Africa, horse racing is the second most favored sport. 10bet also highlights and catalogs the premier horse racing events as its most significant action events.

Should you have a fondness for sports such as basketball and tennis, consider delving into thrilling tournaments like the NBA and WTA. Those with an interest in less conventional sports like water polo and badminton also have betting options available, appealing to punters.


Like numerous bookmakers, 10bet employs a decimal format for its odds. This is the simplest way to present as a player can simply calculate the potential outcome of the bet by multiplying the odds value with the stake.

The technical team develops attractive odds to enhance the value of your winning bets, considering that football and horse racing are the most favored sports in South Africa.

Each sport features a unique scoring system. For example, a single football game could see up to 10 goals being scored. On the other hand, a basketball match could potentially rack up to 250 baskets.

Therefore, the way odds are represented can differ for each sport. Other sports like golf and cricket have unique results structures that affect how odds are presented.

Generally, 10bet has grown its fan base by adjusting the odds values to favor both the bookmaker and the players.

Live Betting

10bet features a live betting segment where punters can make bets on games that are currently in progress. Each day, the bookie selects a range of games to include in this segment.

Even if you’re late and the game is nearly finished, you may still place a bet on your preferred event. Live betting’s advantage is that it allows you to forecast the probable winner based on the score lines prior to placing a bet.

This suggests that most players, especially those with extensive experience, have a high probability of winning live bets.

A potential drawback that might discourage newcomers is the rapid change in odds values, making it difficult to predict the most profitable betting point.

The color scheme is efficacious in addressing this issue, where green symbolizes an increase in the odds value, and red represents a decrease. Nevertheless, a defect in this feature is the significantly lower odds values compared to those of pre-match bets.

However, the bookmaker usually raises the odds in matches where there is a definite underdog.

10bet may disappoint betting enthusiasts who enjoy watching live games and placing bets simultaneously due to its lack of a live streaming feature. However, they can still experience the thrill in the virtual section and monitor live results through the live betting feature.


Esports has emerged as a worldwide sensation, causing significant disruption in the betting industry. This feature is located under the sports icon. Premier leagues from around the globe receive comprehensive coverage from 10bet.

Tournaments in games such as League of Legends, CSGO, Starcraft 2, Overwatch, Dota 2, and VALORANT are globally participated in and broadcasted by 10bet. This allows customers to place bets on these games.

Unlike real-life games that can be influenced by natural events like weather or player injuries, esports are merely simulations and thus, remain unaffected by such factors. Consequently, this provides you with a wide variety of matches to place bets on all year round.

10bet Payment Methods Review

10bet provides secure and convenient payment options for bettors in South Africa. The 10bet South Africa review generally indicates a high level of satisfaction with their services.

At 10bet, the main banking options are bank cards and e-wallets.

To obtain bank cards, players are required to open an account with their chosen banks. Once they have received the cards, they can link them to their 10bet profiles.

To make a deposit, simply enter your bank card details and the bookmaker will immediately deduct the specified amount from your account. For withdrawals, you can use your bank card to access your money through an ATM.

Because banks use advanced security protocols, processing your withdrawals and making the cash available in your account might take a few days.

E-wallets, online accounts handled by international money transfer systems, let you set up an account and link it to your 10bet profile. These platforms provide a quicker service than bank cards, allowing players to immediately deposit money.

The completion of withdrawal transactions also takes a few minutes, but can take up to 24 hours at most.

10bet review

10bet Bonuses and Promotions Review

10bet has launched several bonus features to attract players and increase their rewards. The first promotion is a welcome bonus specifically designed for new participants.

As a new member of 10bet, the bookmaker will provide you with a cash bonus that corresponds to your deposit amount.

Current players can also take advantage of other benefits like complimentary bets that enable you to make money on future deposits. A type of complimentary wager known as Moneyback can also be obtained at 10bet.

You should also expect an accumulator offer as an extra bonus feature, allowing you to gain a certain percentage of money depending on the number of events you incorporate in your accumulator. As part of its bonus structure, 10bet also provides enhanced odds.

The bookmaker selects specific events and increases the value of bets to boost the possible outcome.

10bet App Review

For a long time, 10bet had the idea of creating a standout mobile app. This idea finally came to fruition recently when they developed an Android app. This new addition is something you are sure to value.

The 10bet app enables resource conservation by using minimal bandwidth. It also offers a flexible gaming experience as it allows you to place bets from anywhere using your mobile device.

The mobile app presents an exceptional visual experience, as it is fine-tuned to function seamlessly on the bookmaker. Regardless of the device’s smaller screen size, all icons are neatly organized without any crowding or overlapping. All features accessible on the desktop version are also available on the website.

Your mobile device allows you to perform tasks such as registration, betting, bonus claiming, and joining casino games. Additionally, the app provides the capability to conduct transactions and cash withdrawals into your wallet.

This includes highly effective modern features, enabling you to perform functions as smoothly as you would on a desktop.

10bet Registration Process Review

Those who are 18 years or older can sign up for an account with 10bet. The process is simple, requiring only a mobile phone number and doing away with the need for a lengthy form filled with various details.

Creating an account with 10bet and becoming a member takes less than a minute. Once you’ve done it, you can immediately deposit funds into your account and begin exploring the site’s various markets.

This review of 10bet South Africa indicates that the registration process is superb, not imposing many requirements on players.

10bet Customer Service Review

10bet ensures a seamless gaming experience by setting up a dependable customer support center. Should you experience any problems, their representatives are accessible 24/7 and always prepared to help.

The department consists of experienced professionals who possess a comprehensive understanding of the site’s functionality. They are equipped to manage concerns pertaining to payments, account registration, bonus claims, bet placements, and more.

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10bet Review South Africa FAQs

This review has covered all aspects of 10bet South Africa. However, if you require more information, feel free to look through the FAQs below.

Is 10bet trustworthy?

Definitely, 10bet is owned by Ocean Star Limited, a Malta-registered company. The betting site possesses several licenses, including one from the Malta Gaming Authority. This authority is held in high esteem within the online gambling industry, further confirming that 10bet is a trustworthy platform.

Is 10bet available in South Africa?

As of July 2022, 10bet is not available for players in South Africa. However, it may become accessible in the near future. We recommend bookmarking this page to keep up with the latest news.

How to open a 10bet account?

To establish a 10bet account, navigate to their website and select ‘Join Now’. Proceed to complete the registration form with the required details. Your 10bet account will be immediately set up.

Why is 10bet not working?

All websites and mobile apps, including 10bet, might experience functionality problems due to issues on the end of either the betting company or the player. Begin by verifying your internet connection. A weak or non-existent signal could be the root of the problem.

If your device and internet connection are working fine, the problem likely originates from 10bet. The site could be under maintenance or experiencing service disruption. We suggest reaching out to customer support via social media to understand the problem and find out when it’ll be resolved.

Article by:

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He is a respected authority in Tanzanian online gambling, specializing in sports betting analysis and tips. With a deep understanding of odds, betting markets, and sports analytics, Emmanuel provides valuable insights to help bettors make informed decisions and improve their chances of success. Whether you're a casual bettor or a serious sports enthusiast, Emmanuel's expertise will guide you to smarter betting strategies and potentially lucrative outcomes.